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Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy Blend

A few drops of this aromatherapy blend in a nebulizer or a traditional aromatherapy burner will set the atmosphere of your space for love and intimacy. Ingredients 25 drops frankincense essential oil 10 drops rose geranium essential oil 10 drops…

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Valentine’s Day Spritzer

Put a little love in the air. This simple spritzer blend is earthy and floral. Ginger and rose are well-known aphrodisiacs. Pine and sandalwood or cedarwood offer up that virile woodsy note that will ground you and your lover so…

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Bath Soak for Lovers

Bathing in a big, warm tub together is a wonderful, sensual way to begin a night of intimate play and lovemaking. This blend of essential oils and magnesium salts will sooth tense muscles, bring you into the present moment, and…

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Massage Oil for Lovers

There's nothing so relaxing before a night of lovin' as a good massage. This blend of essential oils will help you to relax without putting you to sleep, so you and your partner can fully enjoy each other's company. Ingredients…

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Floral Sleepytime Tea Blend

When the wee-one was still wee, we developed this tea blend to help him nod off. It worked like a charm. As he grew, we played with the blend. Lavender is one of the newer additions, for instance. It helps…

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Three Bone Tea Recipe

Although the name implies some of the ingredients in this tea could be bones, the truth is the primary ingredients are three bone-healing herbs. Boneset and comfrey have special affinity for healing bones while nettle is chock full of the…

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