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Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy Blend

A few drops of this aromatherapy blend in a nebulizer or a traditional aromatherapy burner will set the atmosphere of your space for love and intimacy. Ingredients 25 drops frankincense essential oil 10 drops rose geranium essential oil 10 drops ylang-ylang essential oil 5 drop rosemary essential oil Equipment Dropper bottle or small, seal-able bottle [...]

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Valentine’s Day Spritzer

Put a little love in the air. This simple spritzer blend is earthy and floral. Ginger and rose are well-known aphrodisiacs. Pine and sandalwood or cedarwood offer up that virile woodsy note that will ground you and your lover so you're completely present and open to whatever your encounter may bring. The hint of lemon [...]

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Bath Soak for Lovers

Bathing in a big, warm tub together is a wonderful, sensual way to begin a night of intimate play and lovemaking. This blend of essential oils and magnesium salts will sooth tense muscles, bring you into the present moment, and energize you for a night of passion. Ingredients 16 oz epsom salts 5 drops lavender [...]

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