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Minty Strawberry Leaf Mouthwash Recipe

You can use Minty Strawberry Leaf Mouthwash as a breath freshening spray or as a mouth wash for after brushing your teeth. You can substitute one ounce of glycerite, such as Spearmint or Lemon Balm glycerite, for the glycerine in this recipe.
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Antibacterial Mouth Rinse Recipe

Use this mouth rinse after brushing your teeth. This is not a substitution for a dental visit as cavities can go septic very quickly. I use this to prevent gum disease by squirting 2 droppers full of tincture into a shot glass of water. I swish the liquid in my mouth after brushing my teeth and swallow.
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Cattail – Pocket Herbal

Typha angustifolia – Typhaceae family To Native Americans, cattail was a cornucopia. It provided food, medicine and clothing to any one inventive enough to utilize its resources. All cattail asked in return was a marshy place to grow and a…

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Lavender – Pocket Herbal

Lavendula officinalis/angustifolia – Lamiaceae family According to legend, four thieves were caught in 17th century France. The penalty for theft was normally severe but these thieves were special. Somehow they had been stealing from plague victims for months without getting…

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Menstrual Cramps: Herbal First Aid

The joys of being a woman are tough to remember when you're doubled over with menstrual cramps. Our fertility comes with a price that can be difficult to pay with a brave face every month. Herbs are a woman's best friend when it's impossible to stay curled up in bed with a hot water bottle. All of the herbs mentioned below may be taken as tinctures or teas.
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