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Organic Plant Spray

If you have roses, you have bug problems. Roses must be delicious as it seems that every garden bug has a vested interested in taking at least one bite out a rose bush. Plant Spray is a quick and easy fix for aphids and other creepy crawlies. Although you can certainly buy your own plant [...]

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Branch Harvest Hooks

These hooks are commonly used for gathering elderberries but they have many other uses. Experienced elderberry gatherers know how tall elderberry gets. Some bushes are between 8-10 feet in height. To our dismay, those graceful branches hold the deep blue treasures at the very top of the brittle branches. This is when elderberry collecting hooks [...]

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Creating the Snail-Free Garden: All-Natural Tips for the Organic Gardener

Gardens are full of life. Some of that life, like the snail population, isn’t good for the garden.The biggest snail invader in Oregon gardens is the Brown Garden Snail, which was originally imported to San Francisco in the 1850s for escargot. This tiny menace can denude a tray of unsuspecting tomato starts in one night. The organic gardener has several effective tools available for defense that are not only safe for pets and children but are also good for the garden.

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