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Daylight Grave Diggers – New Life in an Old Cemetery – The Shoestring Herbalist

I parked my car at the foot of the Masonic cemetery’s steep hill. I could easily see the gates of mausoleum from the road. I grabbed a bucket and digging tools from the back seat and worked my way up the foot path pausing to listen for the sound of voices. Two older women joined me. We were late and after greeting each other, we hurried up the path to join the others. We were among the invited.

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Mullein and Me

A few decades ago, I was introduced to mullein (verbascum thapsus) as an ear infection cure. As I was a new mother, I reveled in having a new tool for my medicine chest. I'd been told that mullein infused oil was simple to use. Just warm it and put a few drops in a child's [...]

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