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Tea Tree Energetics and Uses

If you've tapped into essential oils as a healing modality or a natural beauty tool at all, you'll notice that Tea Tree is everywhere. This potent essential oil from the Melaleuca artinafolia tree from Australia and New Zealand has become…

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Coffee: Myth, Folklore, and Magical Properties

Coffee’s history starts in Ethiopia, where his progenitor, a variety akin to today’s Coffea robusta, grew wild in the low-lying hills. Legend tells that around 600 C.E. a goat-herder named Kaldi noticed his goats became more lively and playful after…

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Hawthorn: Energetic Properties and Use

Hawthorn berry, or Haw, is often included in Western herbal formulas for heart and circulatory conditions. When I first started working with Hawthorn, one of my teachers described it as an adaptogen. Back then, the term adaptogen described an herb…

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