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Simple Chai Tea Blend

Chai, the way I learned to make it, is strong and sweet. Traditionally, it involves a pot, the stove, strainers, boiling the brew up without boiling it over, and lots of milk and sugar. This simple blend offers the flavor…

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Floral Sleepytime Tea Blend

When the wee-one was still wee, we developed this tea blend to help him nod off. It worked like a charm. As he grew, we played with the blend. Lavender is one of the newer additions, for instance. It helps…

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Stress Relief Tea Blend

Stress helps us adapt to new situations, seek alternatives, and solve problems. Many of the world's greatest inventions, like the sewing machine, are the solutions to stressful situations. On the other hand, stress with not solution and no relief can…

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Stay Healthy Tea Blend

This blend has been our family's stand-by for the past few years. We use it as a daily tea. The elderberries in it are terrific protection against illness. When I'm fighting off a cold, I'll add a nip of other…

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