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Mom’s Favorite Cocoa Blend

My boy and I have tried many, many cocoa and hot chocolate recipes. This one is one of my favorite not only because it tastes terrific. The ingredients are common and pretty darn cheap. I love affordable luxury, and Mom's…

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Kid’s Favorite Cocoa

This blend of cocoa and hot chocolate is kid-designed and kid-tested. It's sweet and chocolaty with just a hint of Mexican spice. It's cheap and easy enough for kids of all ages to enjoy a cup or two daily. Plus,…

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Flu-Fighter Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is best enjoyed when it's cold, which just so happens to be the flu and cold season. This recipe combines the healthful properties of elderberry, a flu-fighter extraordinaire, with the antioxidants and digestive-supporting qualities of cocoa to make…

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Salamander Fire Cider Recipe

The Practical Herbalist's take on the traditional Fire Cider Recipe. Salamander Fire Cider is a spicy winter blend that tones the digestive system and clears the blood. It's a carminative blend, which works on the smooth involuntary muscles in the…

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After Dinner Digestive Tea Blend

This spicy tea blend is much like chai with a bonus. It's an excellent, low-calorie digestive blend as well. If you're aiming for something that's more akin to a traditional chai but without the milk and sugar, you can substitute…

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Happy Child Tea Blend

Whether you're young at heart, or you're brewing for a little one, this tea blend is all about feeling good. The nettle and oats offer general nutrition and relaxation properties. Raspberry, clove, and cinnamon assist digestion, and'll bring a…

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