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Tea Tree Oil for Foot Care – A Clinical Memoir

"We'll clean your feet and Sue will give you some dry socks to change into plus anti-fungal oil to rub into your feet every day. Do you have a bottle to send with him?" I held up a small vial containing tea tree essential oil. I would add it to a small mister bottle so it was easier for him to apply to his tender skin without rubbing.
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Coffee: Awakening the Mind

The first sip went down smoothly. The astringency of the coffee in addition to its warmth cleared my throat. The antioxidant-rich chlorogenic acids were up to the task of bringing down the inflammation that had just started to effect my sinuses. I added a little cream to break up the acidity on my stomach - pure bliss.
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Hawthorn Calms Blood Pressure: A Clinical Memory

Grant came back every week to get his blood pressure checked. We made suggestions for further changes which included diet and exercise which would improve his health. As he saw his blood pressure numbers slowly lower, Grant started making his own suggestions. He was feeling better.
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