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Herbal First Aid for Cats – Catnip

Catnip and Cats by Animal Expert Jacqueline Zakharia Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a member of the mint family and is easily available and grown in the garden or in pots. It likes full sun and rich moist soil. Catnip contains essential oils, tannins, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as flavonoids, magnesium and manganese. [...]

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Youthful Canine Powder

As dogs age, their internal organs can use a little extra support. This blend of herbs is designed for middle-aged to senior canines who want to keep their liver, heart, and digestive tract functioning optimally as long as possible. I add it to my dog food blend, Wave-o's Dog Food, starting when my dogs are [...]

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Canine Vitamix: Herbal Supplement for Dogs

This recipe offers a robust herbal boost in vitamins. While it'd be just fine as an herbal tea for humans, I add it to my dog's food. From puppy-hood on through the senior years, these added herbs offer up a wealth of vitamins and minerals that support general health. I substitute dried elderberries through the cold [...]

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Wave-o’s Healthy Powder for Dogs

This blend is straight out of the Wave-o's Dog Food recipe, created by David Howell who kindly offered to share his easy, economical raw dog food recipe with the world. It's a good blend that could be added to virtually any dog food recipe for extra B vitamins, trace minerals, and general support for building [...]

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Top 10 Herbal Supplements for Lizards

My daughter had a dragon. I had an herb garden. It was inevitable the two would end up interacting with each other. We've had reptilian pets before. We had a turtle named Sport who was rescued from a lawn mower. We had two green anoels who skittered around a glass terrarium. My sons tried to talk me [...]

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Arthritis Formula for Dogs

I formulated this glycerite blend for a friend's dog who had crippling arthritis in his hips. He was a retriever and, sadly, hip problems are a genetic problem for this breed. He was still young, only 7 years-old when he began to have his issues. The vet put him on glucosamine, which helped but wasn't [...]

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Quick First Aid Spray

Comfrey, Yarrow, and Lavender come together in this simple spritzer to make a powerful wound healing team. Lavender focuses on killing germs that lead to infections, including MRSA, staph, and funguses. Yarrow draws injured tissues together while driving out foreign matter of all types. Comfrey works to knit together the injured tissues, often leaving behind [...]

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