Author: Candace Hunter

Skullcap Energetics, S. Lateriflora or North American Skullcap

In North America, when you hear an herbalist speaking about Skullcap, the likelihood is that S. lateriflora is the subject. Scuterllaria lateriflora, or Skullcap, is the most commonly used Skullcap in plant medicine-making and herbal remedies in the USA and by modern herbalists who draw on Traditional Western Herbalism or traditions rooted in North America. [...]

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Angelica: Blood and Women’s Medicine

Angelica is like a giant Fairy Parasol, towering over the diminutive plants like bluebells, foxglove, and columbines. With it's dainty white flowerettes arranged in broad, airy umbels and it's pinnate, deeply toothed leaves on stems reaching high enough to potentially shade the average woman, Angelica of all types holds a stately and Divine presence in [...]

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