Author: Candace Hunter

Rosemary Resources: Herbal Remedies for Memory care, Digestion

Rosemary Resources Rosemary has enjoyed a whole lot of cultural popularity through the ages, too. European culture is replete with Rosemary references, and not just the Shakespearean sort, either. While Rosemary isn't a modern-day super-star herb like Lavender, Elderberry, and Dandelion, many of us are quite familiar with the pungent, bitter, pineyness of this temperate [...]

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Love Medicine Resources: Aphrodisiacs, Herbal Remedies for Love

Love Medicine Resources Love Medicine is the Natural Approach to creating the Loving and Intimate environment you desire. That looks different for everyone. For some, De-stressing is the key to improving the Love experience. For others, it's overcoming Anxiety or finding new and playful ways to create Romance. For near everyone, a bit of Self-care [...]

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