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DIY Bitters By Guide Mase And Jovial King

DIY Bitters by Guido Masé and Jovial King

Best audience for DIY Bitters: Herbalists, Hipsters, Bartenders, and Cocktail Enthusiasts Candace said: I Loved playing with the recipes and techniques in DIY Bitters. Guido and Jovial have shared a lovely selection of recipes and tips for creating your own bittering…

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Unlocking Lyme by Dr. William Rawls

Best audience for Unlocking Lyme: Herbalists and medical professionals who treat chronic illness and people who suffer from or have loved ones who suffer from chronic illness including Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Candace said: Wow! Unlocking Lyme by…

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Cannabis: Potent and Versatile Medicine

Cannabis (C. sativa, C. indica, C. ruderalis) - Cannabis family a.k.a.: marijuana, hemp, ganja, charas, quinbu, koaba, q’neh bosm, kannabos, chanvre, hanf, caanvas, weed, pot, hash, countless more… For roughly 8000 years, mankind has cultivated cannabis. Unlike the wars we've…

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