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Quick Facts: Burdock

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article Editor's Note: The text and still photos in this article are from Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Artium minusis, Common Burdock Artium lappa, Greater Burdock…

Burdock – Western Clinical Formulas

Burdock – Western Clinical Formulas

As with most alteratives, burdock is easy to add to vast array of herbal formulas since improving digestive and lymphatic function has a broad sweeping effect on the rest of the body. It's flavor is pleasant and the gentle yet thorough support it gives the body adds to its popularity.
Show 68: Tracking Down Herbalism With Anna Bradley

Show 68: Tracking Down Herbalism with Anna Bradley

Although many of our ancestors used herbal medicine daily, often as an of course, most of us didn't grow up in herbal households. Despite that, we can recover the wisdom and ways of our ancestors in our modern lives.
Surviving PMS And Perimenopause: Flooding

Surviving PMS and Perimenopause: Flooding

This is an abbreviated version of "Menstrual Flooding: Surviving the Deluge." Read the full version at Candace Hunter: The Witch Next Door. Flooding can feel like adding insult to injury.…

Show 27: Fall Cleanse And Herbal Detox For Body, Mind, Soul

Show 27: Fall Cleanse and Herbal Detox for Body, Mind, Soul

Autumn is a perfect time for an herbal cleanse. Everyone can seize this opportunity to detox in a healthy, invigorating way with some of the wonderful plant medicines available. Today, we're talking about Fall Cleaning for Body, Mind, and Soul The Practical Herbalist Way.
Candied Turmeric

Candied Turmeric

After making my first batch of Candied Burdock Root, I got to thinking about what to do with the by-product, the Burdock Root Syrup. After some contemplation, I realized I…

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