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Azulene In Yarrow – How It Works

Azulene in Yarrow – How It Works

Yarrow is full of delightful smelling volatile oils including the beautiful blue azulene. This is a treasure that has been with humanity for a long time. It was discovered 500…

Yarrow Energetic Properties And Uses

Yarrow Energetic Properties and Uses

Yarrow Energetics take your Herbal practice to the next level. One of the first herbs most of us learn for first aid is Yarrow. It's a handy flower to have…

Yarrow: A Clinical Memoir

Yarrow: A Clinical Memoir

Note: The Clinic Memoirs are based on real experiences from Occupy Medical clinic, a free, integrated health clinic that serves patients primarily, but not exclusively, in Lane County, Oregon since…

Yarrow History, Folklore, Myth And Magic

Yarrow History, Folklore, Myth and Magic

Yarrow's virtues as a healing herb have been well known since ancient times. It's Latin name, Achillea millefolium, is derived from the Greek Hero Achilles, who was said to rely…

Yarrow: The Wound Healer

Yarrow: The Wound Healer

Achillea millefolium Yarrow is nature's bandage. Since yarrow grows in every vacant lot, abandoned field and rocky wayside, it's clear Nature must think herbalists need a lot of bandages. This…

Balm Of Gilead As An Antibiotic

Balm of Gilead as an Antibiotic

Skin infections are very responsive to the antimicrobial compounds in poplar buds. Balm of Gilead's success lies in its clustered attack on the bacteria group.
Blue Vervain, Verbena Hastata Energetics

Blue Vervain, Verbena Hastata Energetics

Modern herbalists herald Blue Vervain, aka Verbena hastata or American Vervain, for it's ability to ease the tension and stress that's so rampant in our culture today. Centuries ago, Blue…

Show 143: Herb Lab – Desert Herbs And Myth Busting Echinacea

Show 143: Herb Lab – Desert Herbs and Myth Busting Echinacea

Sue and Candace work with the guidance that herbalist Christina Sanchez gave them in podcast show 142 to incorporate ethically harvested desert herbs into their lives. In Herbalism 101, we answer a question about safety of taking echinacea every day.
Show 135: Herb Lab – Amanda Dilday – Self Care For Herbalists

Show 135: Herb Lab – Amanda Dilday – Self Care for Herbalists

HERBAL NERD SOCIETY As Sue and Candace reflect on the interview with Amanda Dilday, they sort through the under-rated step of healing which involves letting the healer breathe. Self care can take many forms. After healing others, it is important for future patient care to take a minute for collecting yourself. Amanda's focus on trauma healing provided a strong backbone for the discussion of self care.
Daylight Grave Diggers – New Life In An Old Cemetery – The Shoestring Herbalist

Daylight Grave Diggers – New Life in an Old Cemetery – The Shoestring Herbalist

I parked my car at the foot of the Masonic cemetery's steep hill. I could easily see the gates of mausoleum from the road. I grabbed a bucket and digging tools from the back seat and worked my way up the foot path pausing to listen for the sound of voices. Two older women joined me. We were late and after greeting each other, we hurried up the path to join the others. We were among the invited.
Show 128: 7Song – Herbal First Aid For Large Groups

Show 128: 7Song – Herbal First Aid for Large Groups

First aid is vital to the survival of our species. Our guest, 7Song, herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic and education specialist at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine has been leading the way in the herbal first aid movement.
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