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Cinnamon Energetics: Using Cinnamon As Herbal Medicine

Cinnamon Energetics: Using Cinnamon as Herbal Medicine

Cinnamon is spicy-hot medicine by all accounts. Herbalists often add a little Cinnamon bark or twig to topical formulas to get the blood flowing when healing bruising and muscle injuries like overworked muscles and tendons or damage due to trauma. In internal formulas, Cinnamon is...
Surviving PMS And Perimenopause: Flooding

Surviving PMS and Perimenopause: Flooding

This is an abbreviated version of "Menstrual Flooding: Surviving the Deluge." Read the full version at Candace Hunter: The Witch Next Door. Flooding can feel like adding insult to injury.…

Show 19: Herbals From South Of The Border – Real Herbalism Radio

Show 19: Herbals from South of the Border – Real Herbalism Radio

Cinco de Mayo is a Big Deal here in North America. On this day each year, we like to think that Mexico’s win in the face of great odds was one of their greatest contributions to our culture. The truth is, their plant medicine has had a bigger and more lasting impact on our daily lives.
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