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214.Bee Gardening with Dawn Combs

214.Bee Gardening with Dawn Combs If you've ever bought a seed packet marked "pollinator friendly," you've started on the path to becoming a Good Neighbor to your local bees. That's just the first step, though.  Today we are talking with Dawn Combs author of Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys and other titles, herbal educator, beekeeper [...]

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Leonurus cardiaca Energetic Properties and Uses

When you need a good hug, reach for Motherwort. In the line-up of heart-healing herbs, Motherwort is one of The Best herbs for soothing both a physically exhausted heart and an emotionally exhausted heart. Modern herbalists often look to this weedy member of the mint family for support in blends for racing heart and high blood pressure, hormone-induced emotional swings, and anxiety or nervousness you can’t quite kick. The commonality to near all conditions is a relationship of some kind to the Heart.

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26.Crisis Herbal Dental Care

When dental troubles surface, natural remedies are a go-to for Practical Herbalists. We recognize or plant allies are well suited to caring for the extremes our teeth and gums brook in health and in crisis. Today, we’re talking about herbalism for dental emergencies and diseases and the more intensive situations our mouths sometimes face.

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