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Rosemary Hair Grow Goo

Rosemary Hair Grow Goo

Enjoy this easy to make natural hair growth formula that can be made with either rosemary  oil or creosote bush oil specially designed for eyelashes and eyebrows by Herbalist/Cosmetologist Christina Sanchez. 
Rose Petal Honey

Rose Petal Honey

Rose Petal Honey is very easy and satisfying to make. It takes surprisingly little amount of effort but yields a delightful harvest of flavor. I add a bit of cinnamon…

Roses: Symbolism And Flower Essence

Roses: Symbolism and Flower Essence

We have cultivated and appreciated the rose as both a symbol of love and a gentle yet powerful medicine of the heart for centuries. Many of us have heard the…

Show 44: The Versatile Rose

Show 44: The Versatile Rose

Standing among herbal celebs like Licorice, Sage, Rooibos, and Chili Pepper, Rose is no hot house flower though her medicinal uses may seem more limited. Rose covers the gamut from a long history of medicinal, culinary, and beauty uses to a symbol of love, virtue, purity, and courage. That is, perhaps, what makes the humble rose so intriguing. Today, we're talking about a few of the many petals the rose has to offer.
Roseroot – Herb Of The North By Anna Rósa

Roseroot – Herb of the North by Anna Rósa

The path of the village herbalist hasn't always been an easy one. In Iceland, herbalism was illegal to practice until 15 years ago. During that time, herbalists were left to…

Show 38: Plant Conservation With Rosemary Gladstar

Show 38: Plant Conservation with Rosemary Gladstar

We've all heard the alarming statistics that tell us global climate change is real and happening now, even if we don't all agree on the cause. Herbalists and botanists are on the forefront of the move to save as many of our plant friends as possible, but they're just the tip of the iceberg. Today' we're talking with Godmother of American Herbalism Rosemary Gladstar about plant conservation and how all of us can save and protect our beloved plant species from extinction.
Show 25: Herbal Rebirth, An Interview With Rosemary Gladstar

Show 25: Herbal Rebirth, an Interview with Rosemary Gladstar

Over the past 40 years, herbalism has seen a rebirth thanks to passionate and dedicated master herbalists like Godmother of American Herbalism Rosemary Gladstar. Today, we're talking with Rosemary about her journey on the path of plants and the face of modern herbal practice.
Rose Hack – Shoestring Herbalist

Rose Hack – Shoestring Herbalist

I come from a long line of rose worshipers. My grandmother had beautiful rose bushes that bloomed in bountiful, well groomed lines. My mother's rose bushes were fertilized, pruned and…

Rose – Pocket Herbal

Rose – Pocket Herbal

Rosa species –  Rosaceae family In the language of flowers, also known as floriography, a gift of a red rose symbolized love. In pre-Victorian times however, this offering was more…

Change In The Air – Podcast Show 200

Change in the Air – Podcast Show 200

Even when change is good, it is still stressful. The RHR team goes into a hefty list of adaptogen herbs that they rely on for helping themselves and others get through stress.

This is Mullein, Verbascum thapsus

Mullein, aka Verbascum thapsus, has long been a favorite respiratory remedy herb. This fuzzy biennial grows happily in sunny places, often along roadsides and in ditches or on the edges…

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