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Mullein and Me

A few decades ago, I was introduced to mullein (verbascum thapsus) as an ear infection cure. As I was a new mother, I reveled in having a new tool for my medicine chest. I'd been told that mullein infused oil was simple to use. Just warm it and put a few drops in a child's [...]

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215.Bee Gardening and Cloves-Herb Chat

215.Bee Gardening and Cloves - Herb Chat Candace and Patrick talked about their gardening plans, including ideas for supporting the bees in their neighborhood, and about Cloves in the News. Herbs We MentionedHerbs in the News Bee Balm Comfrey Mullein Hyssop Pleurisy Root Sage Tulsi Vibers Bugloss We discussed "Detoxify Your Liver, Lower Blood Sugar, [...]

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