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Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry syrup is winter tradition in my house. Is used for both flu prevention and flu treatment. Preventative measures require one spoon full daily (see below for dosage instructions). This…

Anthocyanins In Elderberry – How It Works

Anthocyanins in Elderberry – How It Works

These pigments are not just responsible for granting elderberry their deep blue color. They make their mark in human health by decreasing inflammation and damage by free radicals. Combine this with antiviral effects and you have powerful medicine.
Show 3: Protecting Boundaries With Elderberry And Flower

Show 3: Protecting Boundaries with Elderberry and Flower

The elder tree and its medicine is surrounded by myth, some of which is rooted in fact and some of which is pure fantasy. In this episode we'll talk a little about the mythic properties of elder, how it protects boundaries physically and spiritually, and then go on to cover the modern day myths perpetuated in a variety of sources online and in print.
Elder Kills The Zombie Virus In Some

Elder Kills the Zombie Virus in Some

Episode VI Like I imagine many of you, I thought, assumed even, the scientists who'd accidentally created Virus Z would somehow figure out how to cure it. Two years after…

Elderberry Immune Tea

Elderberry Immune Tea

This tasty tea is designed to keep the body safe from nasty winter viruses. Nettle fortifies the body while Green Tea adds much needed antioxidants. Elderberry is a sweet addition that guards against viruses. Use organic herbs to be sure your body doesn't have to fight off addtional pesticides too.
Elderberry: The Flu Fighter

Elderberry: The Flu Fighter

Sambuccus nigra, a. k. a. Black Elderberry, Blue Elderberry Elder was called the "country people's medicine chest."  Elder keeps viruses at bay by blocking the virus from entering the cell…

Elderberry History, Folklore, Myth And Magic

Elderberry History, Folklore, Myth and Magic

Elder is a relative new-comer in world folklore, holding her place most prominently in European history and mythos where she has been associated closely with the Celtic faerie lands and…

Tulsi Holy Basil Formulas For Body-Mind-Spirit

Tulsi Holy Basil Formulas for Body-Mind-Spirit

Tulsi’s core energy is about creating balance and making space for balance. In general, longer use of Tulsi and Tulsi formulations have proven more effective than short durations in prevention of digestive and other complaints, making Tulsi a good daily choice for a lifetime but not a bad friend in a pinch.
Sage Herbal Medicine, Energetics For Common And Red Sage

Sage Herbal Medicine, Energetics for Common and Red Sage

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article. "A leaf of Sage a day will keep the Alzheimer's away" could be the modern motto for our beloved common Sage, or Salvia officinalis. Common Sage and Red Sage, aka Dan Shen or S. miltiorrhiza, both improve thought patterns and have long been associated with the kind of calm, Sage wisdom we've sought in our Elders.

Red, White, or Common: Which Sage Do You Use?

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article. With so many Sages to choose from, how do you know which to plant or use? Common Sage, Red Sage, White Sage, and Clary Sage share some qualities and needs every Herbal Gardener and Practitioner ought know.

Medicinal Uses of Garlic and Growing Garlic

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive. "Let thy Food be thy Medicine." Hippocrates was spot-on when it comes to choosing the best herbal medicines. He was all about preventing illness from the get-go. Garlic is one Medicinal Foods you don't want to do without.
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