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Ancient Healer For Digestion, Auto-immune, Respiratory, And More: Licorice

Ancient Healer for Digestion, Auto-immune, Respiratory, and More: Licorice

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive ArticleFor centuries, we humans have had a love-it or hate-it relationship with Licorice. Have you met anyone who doesn't have a strong opinion on the taste of black licorice candy or, for that matter, Jaegermeister? If you've sided with the supporters of this sweet, slightly spicy and oh-so distinctly flavored root, you're not alone...
Herbs For Cold And Flu Season: Class Notes

Herbs for Cold and Flu Season: Class Notes

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), flu and cold season typically covers October through May with its peak somewhere in December to February. In the Pacific Northwest,…

Surviving PMS And Perimenopause: Flooding

Surviving PMS and Perimenopause: Flooding

This is an abbreviated version of "Menstrual Flooding: Surviving the Deluge." Read the full version at Candace Hunter: The Witch Next Door. Flooding can feel like adding insult to injury.…

Garden Cloches: How To Make A Recycled Mini-Greenhouse

Garden Cloches: How To Make a Recycled Mini-Greenhouse

Spring weather in the Willamette Valley is unpredictable. It can be warm enough to fool you into planting tomato starts in the morning and cold enough for snow by the afternoon. A well placed garden cloche can be the difference between life and death for tender transplants. Even people with the good fortune to have their own greenhouse can benefit from cloches.
Supporting Women’s Fertility With Herbs

Supporting Women’s Fertility with Herbs

Adding a baby to your life takes preparation. Herbs can increase fertility when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The odds of success improve if you are as careful with your body before pregnancy as you will be after you get pregnant.
Chickweed: Skin Rejuvenator

Chickweed: Skin Rejuvenator

Stellaria media, a. k. a. Starwort or Common Chickweed I am always delighted to see chickweed emerging from a layer of winter mulch in my garden. This delicate plant specializes…

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